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Resource maximization is paramount to JHS’s ability to uphold societal obligations and expectations. Through grants, JHS can maintain the many services for students and families. The 21st Century Community Learning Center grant provides funds for enrichment activities such as sports and academic competitions during after school and on weekends. The Expulsion and At-Risk Student Services grant provides money for case management and mental health services. Both grants support the development of student career interests and the expansion of career pathways and the increased involvement of families in student academics and well being. JHS also received The Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) grant which entails a 2 million dollar upgrade to the school building which is scheduled to occur from March to August 2021.





Free Services

  • Year round Sports Activities

  • All field trips

  • Pre-College enrichment programs

    • Summer programs

    • Workshops and camps

  • College Courses

    • Concurrent Enrollment College/University

    • Concurrent Enrollment Technical and Career Classes

  • Emergency support for basic needs

    • Clothes/food/housing

    • School supplies

    • Breakfast/lunch/snacks

  • Transportation

    • Rides to school

    • Bus passes

    • Carpool gas reimbursement