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Community Partners

JHS has partnered with agencies in the community to develop a strong circle of care to support student and family success. Partners invest and donate time, services, and monetary funds towards student achievement and success.

Partners attend, support, or host events

  • Health fairs

  • College visits

  • Career days

  • Field trips


Partnerships to include:

  • Parents and guardians

  • Academic institutions

  • Nonprofit organizations

  • Corporate and small businesses

  • Juvenile justice systems

  • Departments of social services

  • County workforce division


Partnership Highlights:



Onsite presentations and field trips hosted by professionals in various fields for exposure to an array of industries (e.g., manufacturing, service, civil, and retail)

Local food bank partnerships provide food for students and families and students also volunteer at the food bank to give back and build social capital

Internship and volunteer opportunities are paramount for student-driven, career orientation that have a direct impact on engagement and investment


Social justice and health awareness representatives teach workshops on personal and social development such as healthy relationships and lifestyles, self-discovery and goal achievement

Acquire monetary donations for student and family needs or for increased academic programming, scholarships, or field trips


Social services, probation departments, and mental health agencies regarding student academic progress, behaviors, and living situations to ensure that adequate support is in place


Financial assistance and bilingual services are available for individual, family, group, and/or substance abuse/, mental health support

JHS utilizes an Open-Door Policy where anyone can visit the school and meet with an available staff member without reservation.  Potential community partners meet with the entire staff to find relevance, need, and alignment in services.  All partners supporting the school’s efforts participate in a background check for safety. Recruitment of a large spectrum of individuals and organizations is our goal. If you are interested in joining the JHS team please Contact Us.