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Case Management Services

Individualized case management provides wraparound services to students.  The measure of success is for an increase in student academic achievement and social engagement. JHS is an intimate, safe community with a network of supportive adults to help eliminate obstacles to attain personal and social goals. Below are some free services to families and students:

  • Emergency support for basic needs

    • Clothes/food/housing

    • School supplies

    • Breakfast/lunch/snacks

  • Transportation

    • Rides to school

    • Bus passes

    • Carpool gas reimbursement 

  • Transitions 

    • Home to school

    • School to school

    • School to work

  • Employment

    • Portfolio development

    • Onsite and offsite workforce prep and career-specific courses

    • Internships and apprenticeships


1st Priority-Student Health and Wellness is JHS’s initiative to ensure that students have access to mental and physical health services, basic needs such as clothes, food, and housing, and transportation by school bus, public bus passes, and carpool. 1st Priority focuses on solution focused counseling for twenty to thirty minutes for two to three times a week with students and families to help stabilize living conditions and provide referrals for services.