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School Safety

Safety is the most important obligation of JHS and under no circumstances can it be compromised.  All staff members are ambassadors of safety that engage in risk management through continuous drills and reviews of policies and procedures.  

JHS’s Safety1st initiative is a comprehensive, prevention-oriented approach to maximizing individual and collective safety and wellbeing to ensure optimal growth and progress in a global community. Staff engage in professional development throughout the year to maintain the highest level of integrity. During Future Phoenix advisory period, students learn and participate in the Safety1st initiative.  

Safety1st is comprised of four elements

  1. School Safety
    1. Standard Response Protocol (SRP) (lockdown, lockout, evacuate) 

    2. Adopted BVSD policies (drills, evacuations, threats, visitors, closings)

  2. Student Safety
    1. BVSD Emergency Care Guidelines (First Aid for most illnesses and conditions)

    2. 1st Priority-Student Health and Wellness (individualized case management, frequency/ duration/ intensity/assessment) 

  3. Crisis Management
    1. BVSD Crisis Management Plan 5 Factors (Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery)

    2. Psychological First Aid Protocol (PFA) (support after a crisis)

  4. Threat Assessment
    1. BVSD Threat Assessment Guidance for Schools (id, types, elements of, assessment tools, etc...) 

    2. Response, Management, and Support Plan (documentation and resources)