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Athletics & Activities


Extracurricular activities provide relevant, character building, and hands-on learning experiences. Through free sports, field trips, and clubs, school enrichment goes beyond the classroom. A year round sports program offers indoor and outdoor, individual and team, and coed games. Field trips to museums, recreational activities, businesses, government and nonprofit organizations, colleges, and technical trade schools bring learning to life. School clubs provide an outlet for students to connect with each other and explore common interests. JHS provides these services for free.

Free Services

  • All sports activities including uniforms, travel, food, and entrance fees

  • Transportation, food, and entrance fees to all field trips

  • Pre-Collegiate enrichment programs on college campuses

    • Summer programs

    • Workshops and camps

  • College Classes

    • Concurrent Enrollment College/University Courses

    • Concurrent Enrollment Technical and Career Classes