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Career Readiness

JHS offers the Future Phoenix course, Phoenix Portfolio, and Phoenix Career Academy for student career and workforce readiness. 

Future Phoenix is a class that all students take daily to support the achievement of short and intermediary goals and college and career planning. 


Every student has a Phoenix Portfolio which is a self-driven monitoring tool and a long-term collection of:

Student Work
  • resume
  • essays
  • projects
  • skill certifications
  • internships/apprenticeships 
  • letters of recommendation
  • scholarships
  • awards
  • college letters
Student Portfolio Exemplars:



Phoenix Career Academy (PCA) provides students with the opportunity to engage in industry endorsed and accredited certification courses and workshops everyday after school. There are seven career pathways for students to explore and expand their career skills. PCA courses are tiered by skill level. The 3 Tiered System guides students through a personal journey of self-discovery  towards career training.

JHS prides itself on providing a Safe and Inclusive Learning Environment for all students. To promote this school wide goal, Phoenix Career Academy (PCA) focuses on presence as a primary value. Present students pay attention, are aware of their surroundings, and take action when needed at school, in the workplace, and in their communities.



All PCA classes and certifications are free!


Career Pathways

Sports Business Professional is a certification program that builds the skills, competency, and experience for a career in sports business management. This career track provides comprehensive insight on sports markets and contracting. 

Certified Legal Analyst is a certification program that prepares professionals for a career in legal assistance in proceedings and documentation. Graduates can work for law offices or in other office-like environments.

The Office Management Specialist program provides the opportunity for students to obtain the skills needed to execute front office communications and administrative assistant duties. Graduates become certified in the Microsoft Office and Google Drive suites. 

PCA’s Safety Specialist program offers courses that train students on how to provide first aid, identify and manage high risk conditions, and how to operate with a preventative mindset. Some higher level courses include OSHA General Industry, Crisis Communication, and Emergency Management. 

The Culinary Arts career track allows students to explore the basics of food management and move onto the science behind cooking and food presentation and service. Students receive their Food Handlers, Food Allergens, and Food Manager certifications by the end of the program.  

Business Administration Professionals work on learning about the various aspects of a business organization such as marketing, information systems, accounting, entrepreneurship, and operations management.