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JHS’s programming is designed to educate students’ academic, career, and social citizenship by exposing students to a multitude of learning experiences. The school’s Pre-Collegiate courses, Phoenix Career Academy (PCA) certifications, SkillsUSA and Future Phoenix curricula, and student portfolios establish sustainable college and career pathways for students.

JHS’s PACES provides a framework to pursue excellence. PACES stands for Portfolio-Academics-College/Career-Enrichment-Support. 

Portfolio is a student created website that highlights accomplishments and individual character. 

Academics are founded on mastery of learning standards and pre-collegiate studies. 

College and Career preparation programs emphasize self-discovery, multiple pathways, student choice, skills building, and workforce readiness. 

Enrichment activities provide relevant, hands-on learning experiences through a year round sports program that offers individual and team games and through field trips to museums, recreation activities, businesses, organizations, colleges, and technical/trade schools.

Support from all stakeholders is needed for the achievement of personal/social and academic goals of students and families.

To eliminate obstacles to schooling, students can choose their plan of study and area of focus. 
Flexible scheduling options:
  • full time
  • part time
  • off-site (distance learning)
  • evenings and weekends
Multiple ways to earn credit such as:
  • teacher led, online, or hybrid classes 
  • credit for working and volunteering/service learning 
  • participating in extracurricular activities such as clubs, sports, or internships 
Different completion pathways chosen by each student individually such as: 
  • traditional diploma
  • GED or HiSETT 
  • university, technical college track
  • workforce readiness emphasis